Based on the financial documents acquired by CNN, the U.S. authorities reveal that an investment group operated by Russian mobsters and are connected to the Russian government transferred nearly USD 900,000 to a company owned by the entrepreneur tied to the chemical weapons program of Syria.

A contract and bank records dated late 2007 to early 2008 indicated that a company linked to a Russian mafia group backed by the state decided to settle over USD 3 million to Balec Trading Ventures, Ltd – allegedly to buy first class furniture. CNN validated that wire transactions report a transfer of nearly USD 900,000. Both of these companies are coincidentally registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The U.S. Department of Justice claims that the Quartell Trading Ltd. company, who is supposedly linked to the Russian mafia, is one of the several instruments into which millions of dollars of robbed Russian taxpayer cash was laundered around 10 years ago in connection with the “Magnitsky affair”. This is probably one of the most infamous corruption case in Putin’s Russia.

The U.S. Treasury Department penalized Balec Ventures owned by Issa al-Zeydi for his affiliation with the Scientific Studies and Research Center. It is the core of the unorthodox weapons program of Syria, such as its production of VX and Sarin nerve agents, as well as, mustard gas.

Although al-Zeydi doesn’t have visible a public profile in Russia, besides her inactive account on a local social media page called VKontake. Coincidently (again), the owner of Balec Ventures also owns this Russian version of Facebook.

At the moment, there are still no confirmations as to whether any of the USD 900,000 Quartell wired to Balec was sent to defend the Center. CNN are still unable to get in touch with Issa al-Zeydi to confirm the story as she is unreachable on her Russian contact details.

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