A majority of parents discourage their children from playing video games. But following recent findings by authors based in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, action video games boost mental activity. Having conducted twenty studies among six hundred participants, it was established that video games played a huge role in cognitive abilities. Action video games require a high accuracy level, sharp focus, prompt reflexes and a great deal of attention.

Relevance of video games to young adults

Games like Unreal Tournament, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty are of significance in mental activities. Participants of the game experience a memory boost, increased processing speed, visuospatial processing, increased attention and executive function. The games involve multiple targets hence sharpening one’s problem solving skills.

The researchers believe that the brain is able to form new connections in young people. More cognitive benefits are accrued due to neural plasticity. Statistics show that at least 26 percent of the 155 million Americans who play video games, are below eighteen years of age.

Video games not only offer a form of recreation, but also boost creativity levels in young adults. Additionally, people acquire valuable skills such as spatial skills, critical thinking and appropriate decision-making.

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