The Centers of Disease and Control (CDC) have reported over 17000 flu cases that required hospitalization. This recent flu is on record for being the most widespread in the country in comparison with other years.

Shionogi & Co. is a Japanese based drug manufacturing company that has engineered the wonder pill. A drug trial was conducted amongst American and Japanese patients. The results were impressive as the flu cleared from their bodies in just 24 hours after use. A control experiment was carried out using a well-known drug, Tamiflu, from Roche Group. It was discovered that Tamiflu took three days longer than the Shionogi & Co. drug. Unlike Tamiflu that is taken twice a day for a period of five days, Shionogi works perfectly with just one dose. Shionogi pills works by inhibiting production of viral materials in body cells. The drug’s quick action prevents further spreading of the flu virus.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the drug could get an approval by Japan Regulatory Authority for drugs by March this year. Moreover, it is expected that a U.S approval will be sought before the year 2019. The Shionogi drug could just be a great step in fighting the influenza virus.

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