Chinese police recently unmasked a notorious syndicate that was trading in expired chicken parts. Chicken legs, beef tripe, and throat were being smuggled into the market. The cartel began successful operation during the Cultural Revolution, at the time when Chairman Mao was ruling China. The food items are way over their due dates. Having being processed 47 years ago, the chicken meat is unfit for human consumption. The police seized twenty tonnes of old meat that was treated with heavy chemicals to make them appear fresh. Hydrogen peroxide was used to “kill germs,” enlarge the size of chicken feet and whiten them. The syndicate made a kill in the trade of toxic chicken legs, with a tonne of chicken legs bringing in a profit of £1750.

Guangxi chicken feet are a symbol of the food safety situation in China. The feet originated from Vietnam border, where war was raging, and a cultural revolution was ongoing. The chicken feet were processed in a Chinese facility as reported by The Epoch Times. Chinese food outlets have been marred by the scandalous accusation of selling weird menus. From rat, fox, mink meat to drugging soups, Chinese patrons have had enough of it. Following some tips from hotel staff, some crayfish restaurants have been closed down after it was discovered to have compromised soups with poppy seeds.

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