A study conducted in 2016 by Chinese and American researchers, revealed that 366000 death cases were reported. The 2013 fatalities were caused by grave air pollution from the burning of coal. In the quest to reduce the number of premature deaths resulting from environmental pollution, China is pouring tremendous amounts of renewable energy projects.

Chinese Solar Farm

The International Energy Agency provides that renewable energy formed two-thirds of the power in the world’s grid. The agency discovered that solar energy is the most outstanding forms of renewable energy. China is leading in solar installations. The Chinese company, Sungrow Power Supply, launched a vast solar farm on the former coal mines of Anhui. The farm comprises of floating solar panels to harness solar energy. The megaproject in Anhui has a potential of producing 150 megawatts for an estimated period of 25 years. The solar farm has an astonishing 166000-panel array that floats on water.

China Three Gorges Corp is currently building a more massive solar farm, worth 151 million dollars. The project will be live in May 2018. The floating solar farm aims to produce 150 megawatts of power for 94000 homes. The beauty of the project is that the panels are cooled by the water and therefore work more efficiently.

Despite efforts by President Donald Trump of U.S.A to tramp the solar projects, solar energy is still a highly desirable phenomenon to conserve the environment. Countries like Sweden and Nicaragua are in the same boat with China to face out the use of coal for energy production.

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