Maybe it’s a question that never crossed your mind, maybe it is. But why are pizza boxes square and not circular when in fact pizzas are just tasty circles for the most part?

The answer is very simple. Square pizza boxes are cheaper and simpler for the factory that makes the boxes and the businesses that use them.

Pizza boxes are usually made with single rectangular sheets of perforated Cardboard. One machine at the factory can take care of that, no problem. But a circular pizza box would require the assembly of several different pieces of cardboard thus requiring several different machines to produce them.

Square boxes are more convenient for shipping as well. Circular boxes would have to be put together at the factory and since pre-assembled boxes take up far more space than flat sheets of cardboard, square boxes are far cheaper to ship.

The benefits of the square box not only trickle down to who’s packing the pizza, but also to who’s eating it.

Once the pizza is out of the oven the surface area of the square box gives the cook a bigger target to slide the pie on, and also more room to roll the slicer.

And when it’s time to finally eat, the space provided in the corners of the square box gives the customers hand enough room to slide a slice back then and upward, instead of just upward.

Sometimes it literally pays to be a square.

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