Centuries before Project Blue Book and Area 51, the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop revealed details of unidentified flying objects in Boston in the 17th Century. It was the earliest evidence of UFO sightings in America.

Journal Entry: March 1, 1639

John Winthrop penned the challenges and victories that he and his fellow Puritans experienced while they started a new life in another country. As the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor, he started to describe a strange happening that recently caused a commotion among the English immigrants.

Winthrop penned that early that year, James Everell and a couple of his companions, were rowing a boat at night in the Muddy River when they saw a great light in the sky. The men explained that the size of the light was around three yards square and it flamed up when it was not moving. When it did move, it changed its shape into the form of a swine.

They said that for two to three hours, the mysterious object just darted back and forth between them and Charlestown village, which was two miles away. Winthrop added that other people also saw the light at the same place, at the same time. After the light faded away, the men were surprised to find themselves a mile upstream believing that the flaming object moved them there.

Journal Entry: January 18, 1644

Five years later, the strange sighting returned to the Boston skies. Winthrop wrote that three men who came from a boat to Boston saw a couple of lights rise out of the water near the north point of the town. They said it resembled the figure of a man and it went near the town to the south point before vanishing again.

Speculations still surround the journal entries of the governor, but no one can really pinpoint what really happened during those nights in Boston. In fact, UFO sightings today still have no definite scientific proof that they do or do not exist. Who knows, maybe in time, the truth will reveal itself.

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