Net neutrality is the rule that ISP’s treat all content similarly and not offer inclination to some advanced digital content provider. That implies that the customer can stack each site, application, and other content similarly, paying little respect to who does the hosting of the said consent.

The FCC or the Federal Communications Commission voted in December to revoke net neutrality regulations forced in 2015 under President Barack Obama to represent how ISPs treat substance, content and information.

A Democratic commissioner on the FCC has said during an interview with ABC News that she is worried by the said mover. The FCC’s rollback of the net neutrality  rules was met with debate, with pundits saying the inversion could prompt the making of various speed paths for specific sites or content hosts and creators, with higher costs for quicker speeds – and customers bringing about higher expenses for web usage.

The commissioner also emphasized that without this regulation, ISPs can almost control what you see and avoid consumers in seeing content that is not in their advantage.

The FCC commissioner also stated that numerous states are battling the FCC’s move, “Pay attention to what they are doing. The battle is not over. The FCC does not have the final word, and I am so happy for that.”

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