There are breeds of chicken that you could proudly pet and rear just for the luxury of having them around. Top among the options you have is the Ayami Cenami. They are like the chihuahuas or pugs of chicken.

This luxury chicken is highly sought-after, more so in Indonesia where it’s widely found.

What Makes them “Unique”

As expected, this breed of chicken is super expensive, with one chicken going for $2, 500 and $5, 000 if sold as a pair, and its eggs retailing at $100.

So yes, the Ayami Cenami is widely sought-after for its value.

The chicken is also valued for its sleek appearance, particularly by exotic breeders who wish to add an exclusive breed of chicken to their flock.

It’s even more valued in Indonesia where it’s considered sacred, and closely associated with many of the native myths and beliefs. Their meat is also considered as a cure for many diseases in the land.

Others simply rear it for good fortune, as the chicken is thought to bring with it good luck. Not to mention, some people link it with mystical powers that makes them fit for ritual use.

The chicken are usually bred by dedicated chicken breeders privy to their value, and can be found virtually anywhere, but predominantly the chicken is reared in Europe, Indonesia and America.

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