A study on restaurant patrons was carried out to find out how individuals give tips for services based on their ethnic background. The sample groups included Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites. Out of 52 Blacks, 21 of them had given tips before. 42 out of 52 Whites gave tips whereas 23 out of 30 Hispanics sampled gave tips. A bar graph of the same indicates that Hispanics are more generous in giving tips than the other sample groups. Blacks are ranked the lowest in tipping for services rendered.

Reaction to the Results of the Study

The results of the study attracted a myriad of responses from individuals all over the world. Pegging previous tipping experience, a contributor to the post reported that she found Hispanic women, and Black males tipped better than their counterparts. Additionally, Whites were almost equal in giving tips. Overall, some individuals felt that Blacks tipped less than Whites regardless of similar service standards and their socio-economic statuses. Some respondents argued that tipping would narrow down to culture. Moreover, lack of information regarding tipping could be the reason as to why Blacks tip less than the standard 20 percent of the bill for services rendered in U.S restaurants.

A general observation from the respondents was that Hispanics could be generous in tipping because a many of them have worked in the hospitality industry, hence understand the challenges they face.

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