Who wouldn’t love a good ‘ole slice of pizza, right? To make your eating experience even more epic than that first cheesy bite, Domino’s Germany decided to employ sidewalk robots to deliver their pizzas! We are indeed in the midst a soon-to-be fully automated world.

A Delivery Like No Other

The global pizza chain revealed that they have partnered with Starship Technologies, a ground robot startup from Estonia, a month ago. They are planning to start delivering pizza in Hamburg, Germany using the six wheeled robots in the next couple of months.

When empty, these robots weigh around 40 pounds, are shorter than a couple of feet tall and has a walking speed of about four miles per hour. At this time, however, the deliveries will only be available to customers located within a mile of the Dominos branches in Hamburg. These bots can walk on their own, but humans will accompany them for the first few runs just in case something goes wrong.

The Innovative Idea

Using technology for delivery is not a first for Dominos because they did deliver pizzas using drones in New Zealand about a year ago. It was a successful feat because the pizzas arrived hot at their destination for less than five minutes.

Don Meij, the Group CEO of Dominos, says that their robotic units will complete their current delivery systems, including e-bikes, scooters and cars. He explains that they won’t have enough delivery drivers for their growth plans in the next decade, which is why they came up of other methods.

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