Did you know that America wastes forty percent food amounting to USD 165 billion a year? Instead of giving any leftover food to charities or homeless people, they would rather just throw it away. This number is based on the report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Every 311 million residents in America waste over 20 pounds of food summing to around USD 1,350 to USD 2,275 yearly for a family of four. Imagine discarding 80 quarter-pound hamburger patties in your garbage bin every month or throwing away a couple dozen boxes of cereal into the trash instead of storing them in your pantry.

The research doesn’t only involve homes, but all areas of the countries’ food supply chain, including farms, school cafeterias, buffets and warehouses. However, the majority of these waste come from your every own houses.

An average American family gets rid of around 25 percent of food and drinks that they purchase. The report reveals that this is because food is so abundant and cheap in the country that the citizens don’t understand its real value.

You see, food only takes up a small amount on their budgets, which is why they can easily discard it without considering the consequences. Most of them don’t really realize that they are wasting food, even if they consider themselves as environmentalists or financially conscious.

The nation needs to find a solution to these problems so the hungry can benefit from it. With a reduction of just 15 percent, over 25 million hungry Americans will be fed.

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