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The primary intention of algorithm is to enhance everything. These can defeat chaos, make daily responsibilities easier and even save lives. Despite its benefits, experts still fear that it can offer governments and corporations full control, which could lead to greater unemployment, form filter bubbles, spread biases, and cut serendipity, choices and creativity. Let’s weigh its benefits and drawbacks to fully comprehend what it can really contribute to the world.

The Benefits of Algorithm

Basically, algorithms are commands or tools that accomplish a certain task or solve a problem. They run computer codes, the internet, email, smartphone apps, video games, websites, GPS mapping systems and even Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are used for practically anything, and they will continue to spread everywhere.

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It will open people up to new insights about the world around them. It will also lead to the expansion of data-driven approaches to solve problems, as well as, refined and improved code processes. Moreover, these aim to function better than people do and benevolent AI should be able to control the globe in the future.

The Drawbacks of Algorithm

Whenever predictive and data modeling becomes paramount, people will think that their judgments aren’t necessary anymore. Programming that aims for efficiencies and profits will become a threat and these algorithms will be able to influence communities and consequences. They will fully depend on algorithm that can sometimes rely on incorrect, deficient or limited data, and on the prejudices of datasets and programmers. They will someday replace human work activities leading to unemployment.

The bottom line is, it will still depend on corporations and governments if they will use this freedom for good or abuse it. Hopefully, algorithmic oversight, transparency and literacy will lead to a more responsible usage of the vital tool.

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