Despite the many benefits technology has brought, working people are worried about the near future where AI can completely replace them. The fact is, their fears have already materialized in the retail and manufacturing sectors. However, white collar workers aren’t exempted to this dilemma.

The AI Takeover

Researchers reveal that even the lawyers are at risk of getting displaced by artificial intelligence platforms. The AI will be in charge of digging up all documents needed for evidence to be used in litigation. They will also conduct legal research, execute due diligence during corporate acquisitions, review and create contracts, as well as, warn companies regarding possible fraud and other misconducts. AI takeover guarantees to save clients’ money and improve efficiency.

On the other hand, AI advocates do claim that the labor force will grow, since legal services will be more affordable now.

Machines over Humans

The transition from flesh and blood to metal and bolts will always involve plenty of arguments if ever they can perform as much as human lawyers who already has years of experience. Most want to determine whether these machines will miss something important during the process – and they will, just like humans who aren’t really great at searching for keywords.

They argue that computers won’t experience the biological issues that most humans experience, which is better for productivity. With machines, they could finish days of human work into mere minutes.

In the past, the legal sector has been slow to accept technology, but the huge firms today have finally understood the benefits of AI. Time will tell if both humans and machines can work simultaneously, or if the latter will fully takeover.

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