After more than a decade, China finally permits Trump and his enterprise’s trademark request. He was basically fighting for trademark protection of the Trump name in the construction industry. Reports reveal that he’s been trying to win Chinese courts’ affection for years just to regain authority over the trademark. Fortunately, his luck changed during the later stages of his Presidential campaign.

In September, the trademark review board of China revealed that they nulled the opposing’s claim for the trademark, which cleared the way for the now President to move in. A month later after the election, the Trump Organization officially received the requested trademark. They were only able to register it in February this year after the three-month notice for objections has expired.

This decision, however, received varied opinions from critics who mostly felt uncomfortable. The majority of them felt troubled that the political situation might have caused the change in decision.

According to White House ethics counselor under former President Obama named Norman Eisen, China might expect concessions from the now President in return of the favor. He explained that this might be just the beginning of a sequence of efforts to control him.

On the other hand, Trump Organization lawyers defended the action by explaining that it was just a way for them to keep the Trump trademark safe from individuals who might use it improperly. They even added that Eisen’s accusations disregarded facts and completely don’t have any basis. Although, it would be hard to examine the worth of the new trademark because it only affects construction-related services. This doesn’t include his core businesses in real estate and hospitality.

Experts claim that this is not a cause for concern at the moment. If he does win cases continuously in the questionable country, then it’s time to think twice again.

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