Setting up your event tracking software properly is critical because it will notify you about the way your users interact on your mobile app or website. It will help you make sound decisions to improve your business. This is why you won’t be able to trust your data if you screw up the installation of the software – and if this is the case, you’ll most likely make the wrong decisions.

The problem is, most businesses haven’t really perfected the tracking setup. The majority don’t track the right amount of events to determine anything useful. Some are aware that they have a broken software, some have been measuring their data wrong, while others are oblivious of the limits of the tools. They’ve been ignoring this issue mainly because it’s complicated.

You see, developers and statisticians commonly used analytical tools. This is because most of the platforms needed them to write codes to function. Non-technical users will have a difficult time looking for the data that they require, thus, the ignorance with the important software.

To give businesses an idea of its benefits and to keep them from ignoring it further, below are some actual examples:

  • Analytics reduced the budget allocated for AdWords by 20 percent without changing revenue after discovering more than a thousand keywords that never drove a sale.
  • It discovered more than 70 affiliate websites that had provided links to broken product pages, which caused the loss of thousands of dollars in commission and led to poor user experience.

Without a stable analytics tracking setup, none of the above development would’ve happened. These companies should remember that data is the secret to growing their business.

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