Last 2014, the Facebook Data Science team published the NFL American fandom map. It showcases the favored football team of every county by basing it on the number of Facebook likes of these NFL team’s pages.

It’s safe to assume that out of all the likes retrieved, there isn’t a definite answer as to which of them is the national team. Probably the closest that could be defined as America’s team is The Cowboys. Beyond Texas and nearby states, these fans mostly come from southeastern Virginia and southern Nevada.

The next major fandom are dedicated to the Broncos who reside in the 29th northern parallel to three of the Four Corners. The 49ers come close since they practically control nearly every household in California. Patriots fans coming from Maine, Hartford, and Connecticut to Caribou follows shortly after.

Sadly, a depressing result for the New York Jets fan club because the likes revealed that none of the counties have a plurality of Facebook fans. Possibly the most interesting outcome are from the followers in the Great Lakes region. None of the existing teams really dominated their interest for they would rather follow old clubs.

The borders, however, tell a blunt and adamant tale. The majority of lions fans have claimed Michigan, except for the Packs that control southern Upper Peninsula. Meanwhile, Colts fans have taken over Indiana, excluding Gary. Packers fans standby in the corner of Vikings country, while Jaguars fans scatter everywhere. Another surprising result belong to Los Angeles inhabitants who still prefer the Raiders, which already stopped playing 20 years ago.

Facebook really does bring a new perspective to the competitive sport. Did your NFL team win the popularity vote?

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