Brian A. Smith, a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, has developed the RAD—a racing auditory display—to enable gamers who are visually impaired to play the same types of racing games that sighted players can play. https://www.youtube.com/user/columbiauniversity

February 3 2018
President Trump to Risk Impeachment if Claims are True of Him Terming the Firing of Mueller as ‘Fake news.’
Reports from the New York Times informed that special counsel, Robert Mueller was to […]

Why Sports Gambling Companies are Smiling All the Way to the Bank.
You wouldn’t believe the insane amounts Americans are spending on gambling! It is now […]

The Politics Behind Clapping (Or Not) For the State of the Union
New York Times: Clapping politcians at the State of the Union Address decoded

Tether subpoena sparks fears in crypto markets
Tether Subpoena prompts new fears in the Cryptocurrency market

The creator of BitBro attributes Bitcoin recent crash to “growing pains”
Bitcoin falls under $9000, why?

As public health workers fight to stop the spread of ebola, an ASU researcher approaches the problem from an unexpected angle and makes a major breakthrough.
Wait a minute: Researchers at Arizona State University find tobacco can treat Ebola?

The FBI rasies questions about the legitimacy of secret congressional memo trafted by top members of the GOP
Trump primed for conflict with FBI over classified memo

The first magnetic strip credit card prototype.
The worlds 1st credit card

Sunil Singhal, MD, a general thoracic surgeon and researcher at Penn Medicine, outlines his groundbreaking approach to intraoperative, fluorescent-guided surgery (TumorGlow™) to describe solid tumor recurrence.
Dr. Sunil Singhal at the University of Pennsylvania invents a method to make tumors […]

Ether and bubbling Nitrogen gas to freeze some water outside a test tube.
Watch how Ether can be used to freeze water

This is the story of the World Wide Web, from a concept once described as “vague but exciting” to a tool used by more than two billion people!
How the internet really began.

5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About “The Killer Whale.”
Nature provides some of the magnificent creatures in the sea. Large mammals which live […]

Andrew Huberman of Stanford University School of Medicine is studying the neuroscience of how what we see influences our emotions, especially fear.
Neurobiologists at Stanford University are using Virtual Reality to examine responses to stress, anxiety, […]

February 2 2018
Trump Could be Impeached If It’s Established He Lied About Firing Mueller, Says Ken Starr
An independent counsel, Ken Starr, appeared with some disturbing news to Trump’s supporters. In […]

Pelosi: Dreamers Being Held Hostage by President
USA Today: Nancy Pelosi claims Trump holding DACA dreamers hostage

Trump says U.S. “stands with the people of Iran”, calls China and Russia “rivals”
Reuters: Trump refers to China and Russia as “Rivals”

When someone tries to disrupt a public speaker, are they making an assault on freedom of speech, or just utilizing their own freedom of speech?
Discussion: Does heckling violate freedom of speech?

We all go through moods when we feel exceptionally ugly. We tend to blame our faces and our clothes, but the cause of the feeling is almost always internal.
The science behind fooling ourselves into thinking our faces are less attractive than they […]

Kevin Zollman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and one of the leading game theorists in America today, offers us some insight into how to gain the upper hand when it comes to negotiating
Using game theory to gain the advantage in a negotiation

The most common variety of banana, the seedless Cavendish, is under threat from a fungus known as Fusarium wilt. Research projects are under way around the globe to find a replacement.
The worlds most popular banana is likely to go extinct

It turns out that a lot of accomplished, well-respected historical figures did drugs. From Winston Churchill taking amphetamines to Thomas Edison lacing his wine with cocaine, not everyone who uses narcotics is a hopeless basket case living in a dumpster.
Some of the most celebrated historical figures did all kinds of drugs

Using data to predict future events—whether it’s the behavior of the stock market or the effectiveness of a drug in one particular person—would be a boon to nearly every aspect of society. But it’s an enormously difficult task that’s yet to be perfected. At the 2016 World Science Festival, data scientist Chris Wiggins discussed why prediction is such a big challenge.
Scientist Chris Wiggins discusses if Big Data could ever predict the future

Ayami Cenami–a Goth chicken Breed that’s completely Black
There are breeds of chicken that you could proudly pet and rear just for […]

Crypto Capital Venture gives its take on the possible eventuality of a ‘bear market’ year predicted by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee
What if Charlie Lee’s ‘Bear Market’ Tweet actually comes to fruition?

February 1 2018
Killer whales are Nothing But a Species of Dolphins that take the Semblance of Police car
The killer whales aren’t whales, but predator dolphins. They are the largest of the […]

A 16-year Old Teenager Wakes Up from a Coma Speaking Fluent Spanish
Reuben Nsemoh–a 16-year old teenager who has never flown to a Spanish speaking country […]

Russian Youths Take it to the Streets to Protest Against Putin
Thousands of youths in Russia took it to the streets to voice their frustrations […]

House members mull over releasing classified 4-page memo
The Hill: Has the FBI abuse its power during the Russis Invesigation?

It’s Trump’s Speech, but Eyes Are on Melania
New York Times: Eyes all on Melania during Trumps State of the Union Speech

Julian Hosp of TenX says regulators need to ensure the fledgling cryptocurrency industry takes more steps on cybersecurity.
CNBC: Is Cryptocurrency not as secure as it’s described to be?

In the mid-20th century we began launching satellites into space that would help us determine the exact circumference of the Earth: 40,030 km. But over 2000 years earlier, a man in Ancient Greece came up with nearly the exact same figure using just a stick and his brain.
How Eratosthenes calculated the earths circumference using a stick 2000 years ago

Genghis Khan Explained In 8 Minutes
Find out all about Ghengis Khan in 8 minutes

Who vs Whom. When and where
Who vs Whom: When should you really use it?

How the Himba percieves the world is what makes their vision superior to the rest of us.
How the Himba Tribe of Namibia has the best vision in the world

Dom Burgess investigates whether humans could live forever, illustrating Aubrey De Grey’s theory, Methylation and Parabiosis experiments and the latest medecinal results.
Is it possible to live forever?