Consumer groups have observed that 27 states have passed legislation to ban ISPs that inhibit net neutrality from winning state contracts. ISPs that promote unhealthy competition on the internet such as website blocking will not get state money, according to new rules established by the state of Vermont.

Internet service providers are to be forbidden from discriminating other websites and online content. The federal communication commission is mandated to regulate ISPs in the usage of internet content. A law had been enacted by FCC to promote net neutrality, but not long after, the agency filed for a repeal of the law. This move didn’t sit well with many parties as it would take users back to previous problems. Users were facing challenges such as paid prioritization, web throttling, and giving some websites priority at a fee. The states are unanimous in the opinion to allow essential services priority on the internet.

Ajit Pai, the head of federal communication commission (FCC) has come under fire several times for applying double standards in promoting net neutrality. Allegedly, Mr. Pai is playing softly with ISPs that he should be regulating. He is facing several inquiries such as the GAO inquiries and the FCC Inspector General investigation. Additionally, Mr. Pai has been slapped by a lawsuit by 22 State Attorneys General. He is accused of not considering public interest by filing the repeal.

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