Nature provides some of the magnificent creatures in the sea. Large mammals which live in the cold waters of the sea, killer whales form a significant portion of the sea population.


Are you aware that “The Killer Whale” is one of the largest species of the dolphin family?


Well, you should know that the name ‘killer whale’ originates from the Spanish. The Spanish call this species of dolphins, ‘whale killers,’ from their ability to neutralize and consume whales as food. Romans call these dolphins, “Orca,” meaning demons emanating from hell. The scientific name for killer whales is Orcinus orca.


Killer whales eat an astonishing 230 Kgs in a day


To sustain their metabolism, killer whales consume an average of 230 kilograms of food. Their meal mainly comprises of fish, baby whales, sharks, and seals. What’s more amusing is that their delicacy is whale tongues!


They use echolocation to hunt


The deep seas are dark and hard to navigate, but with their ability to vocalize, they determine the location of their targets. The echo gives them a precise bearing of potential meals. Their mothers train baby killer whales on vocalizations. These mammals are excellent strategists and improvise where necessary.


Killer whales are super-fast!


These beautiful animals move at a speed of thirty-five miles per hour. Teamwork is a valuable attribute among this species. When hunting, one killer whale blows water through the blowhole, alerting the others of an imminent attack. The rest of the pod swim together at high speed hence creating a bow wave that dislodges seals floating on ice sheets.


Females have a clear-cut menopause age


Surprisingly, female killer whales hit menopause at half of their life expectancy. They are the only other mammals in the world known to live half their lives without reproducing.


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