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Reuben Nsemoh–a 16-year old teenager who has never flown to a Spanish speaking country or uttered a single Spanish word before woke up from a coma speaking fluent Spanish.

All those who know Reuben remember him as a monolingual English speaker, and are equally dazed as the rest of the world as to how he got to learn fluent Spanish while blacked out.

Reuben who plays soccer for his school in Georgia suffered a serious injury after an opponent player ran into him kicking him in the head and sending him right away into a coma. The injury was so severe that he stayed in concussion for a few days, only to wake up as a bilingual having added Spanish in his language pellet.

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Speaking on the issue, Michel Paradis, a Neurolinguistic expert from the university of McGill University, points at the predicament as a “not so rare case.” It’s happened before.

His parents also made it clear that their son never spoke Spanish before. They were equally surprised to see him speak in a foreign language he barely spoke before the incidence.

But this wouldn’t last–a few days in and his ability to fluently communicate in Spanish would start waning as his English gradually reverted to its former state.

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