Driverless vehicles are increasing in popularity with major companies producing more and more autonomous vehicles and electric cars. Google, Uber, and Tesla are some of the big firms that have placed orders for driverless cars to add to their fleet.

Venturing into driverless vehicle production and usage may result in the following:

  1. Uneven distribution of wealth

Extensive usage of AVs would render software companies the bigwigs in the economy. The companies would amass huge datasets on clients hence making it almost difficult for newbies to survive in the industry.

  1. Possible opposition from people dealing in oil

Since a majority of driverless cars are set to be purely electric, people benefiting from the oil industry may strive to block processes of making AVs a success.

  1. Massive job losses

Phasing out drivers and their assistants would affect many families as they depend on driving for an income. The effects would trickle down to other people working in gas stations, convenient stores and motels. Additionally, the manufacture of cars may be fully automated making it even more difficult to employ human labor.

  1. Digitized payments

Driverless vehicles would attract paperless transactions to pay for transportation services.

  1. Secure transportation of animals and luggage
  2. Convenient transportation for disabled individuals who are unable to drive themselves around.
  3. Reduction in environmental pollution as the burning of fossils fuels will be minimized.
  4. Increased privatization of resources

It is likely that firms would strive to own roads, bridges and other sensitive amenities to deliver quality services to their clients.

  1. Drastic reduction in motor accidents

AVs use sensors and top-notch software to maneuver on the roads.

  1. Vibrant internet marketing for transportation services.

Considering AV transportation would be the most preferred form of traveling, Applications and websites would quickly penetrate the market to sell services.

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